Thursday, December 10, 2009

Words with Friends

So work has been exhausting lately.
I didn't even have time for my blog today.
But I pretty much have to leave by 6:30 because they turn off the heater.
At precisely 6:30 pm, the frigid wall of arctic air hiding behind my window magically blasts through the glass leaving snot-sicles and frostbite if I happen to still be here.

Seriously, I painted about it my first week of work:

So anyway, it's at least a good excuse to leave before I have to be back in the morning.
When I got home last night, I put on gym clothes, but then decided I was much too exhausted to do anything but lift my right arm.
Conveniently, some of my favorite activities include this: pushing buttons on the remote, drinking, eating skittles three at a time (mix the flavors of course), and recently, playing Words with Friends.
The only thing I don't like about this clever little game of scrabble is the googly eyes. And that's only because it reminds me of the creepy geico money stack commercials...."it always feels like...somebody's waaatching meeee"...
But I love scrabble.
Actually I love all word games.
Scattegories, wheel of fortune, hangman...I love words.
I'm going to marry them I love them so much and become Mrs. Courtney Word and we will have lots of little word babies and then all the fake words I use will become real ones and I can win every argument by using fake-now-real blurbs.

The best part of words with friends is playing words you don't think will work and then discovering that they do! For example: Spanish WWF. Si. Para. Amigo. They all work.

Vino, whore, bong, and ziti are also personal favorites.
In fact, I scored a genius double word extravaganza last night of vertical "ziti" playing across horizontal "ivies" for 108 points.
Of course, this was a turning point in the night. I had been conveniently collecting vowels and scoring meager 5 point words and my opponent was 100 points ahead of me. He was up in our series 2-1 and I was so irritated that I was about to resign. But then I got some lucky. And per usual, when I started winning, I was a happy girl again.
I won't even pretend that I am a good sport.
Sometimes I think my friends let me win just to avoid my wrath.
Of course my good friends think it's hilarious.
Well, let me tell you something, it's not.

That's fine and dandy if you are okay with being second place, but I'm a winner.
And winners don't lose.
Winners go home and screw the prom queen.
Or in my case, lay in bed until 12:30 playing words with friends even though I complained all day about being exhausted.

Sometimes, I consider staying home to play instead of being social. Or skipping lunch with a friend to crouch in the corner of the den in my office and hover over my phone like a hawk on a rabbit....watching and waiting for my prey to make it's next move.

Tonight, I'm celebrating my twin friends' birthdays.
I was with them on their 13th birthday 11 years ago.
So we have a history.
But I'm just so tempted by my new cabana boy WWF.

I think I might have a problem.
It's like a bad episode of Intervention.
Millions of Americans suffer from addiction....most need help to stop.....

Followed by the news...
It's 10 o'clock.
Do you know where your child is?
Mom, just say I'm at the bar.

Speaking of, I better get home so I have time to set the DVR for Jersey Shore before dinner.
Omg, the thought of a J gives me goosebumps...Triple Word Score!!!!

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