Monday, December 21, 2009

Hoe Muh Gawd

That's right, Tila Tequila is carrying her brother's child!
Okay, slow your roll.
Although it would be believable that Tila Tequila had some drunken incestuous relationship and created a little souvenir to remind her of the whole ordeal, I won't drag her brother into it.

Plenty to work with here with good ole Tila by herself.
It's her "Christmas present to them!"
Well ho, ho, hoe Santa Claus.

I'm sure your brother would appreciate it if you didn't drink, do drugs, or generally join a black or cholo gang during your pregnancies.
Hope you didn't get Hepatitis C from your 10 tattoos, either.

Forget having her own baby! She can just give this one away once it's born so she can fight the nasty battle to reclaim little Ava, her lesbian lover's adopted child from Kazakhstan.
Apparently g-ma took the babe when she quote, 'feared for the safety of the child.'
We all know she is lying because Casey clearly is up for the mother of the year award.....

 I predict that this was a picture of Casey after she masturbated in a Reality Star's bed, but before she stole her underwear and clothing.
I'd throw that vibrator away if I were you.....
I'd put on rubber gloved beforehand, too.....

I think Perez summed it up pretty well in this lovely photo....

Looks like Tila finally got her shot at love this Christmas.
She must have left some amazing "goodies" for Santa last year.

Although, Tila and Casey might get a little chilly in Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, or Massachusettes.
Is same-sex marriage legal in Kazakhstan?
Cuz that would be kool.


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