Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hamster Dance

My old roommate Stephanie keeps me entertained on most days via gchat.

I got so busy eating puppy chow this afternoon that I almost forgot to blog today.

But she fixed that.

Tonight, Stephanie is going to a party for her friend Jonny's hamster.

Indeed, you did hear that right.

Apparently, a bet was made last year when Jonny and friends fed "Ribs" redbull in order to win a hamster race.

The bet was that Jonny couldn't keep Ribs alive for a year. Today marks that day, and Jonny's friend will now be paying for all of his friends to drink in Ribs' honor.

Not only am I extremely jealous, I also want to meet Ribs.

I have a soft spot for hamsters since my Cairn Terrier "Rags" destroyed my hamster "Freckles" in an unfortunate escape move on Freckles' part circa 1995.

Whatever, I never did like cleaning out that disgusting piss pot full of wood chips.

My kids are getting goldfish....

1 comment:

  1. Though I have a pounding headache, Rib's Bash was fantastic and well worth the hangover today.

    We may or may not have made Ribs drink and drive his mini red coupe after a few Vodka redbulls...