Monday, November 2, 2009

Did you miss me?

I need to recap on the weekend, but first, I just need to let off some steam about hair.

It all started when I was brushing my teeth this morning. I felt something weird rubbing against my teeth and of course, found that a piece of hair had gotten wrapped around my toothbrush. I'm not sure what grosses me out more, the thought of my head (and inevitably, my hair) resting on the train seat yesterday where God knows what collected in my hair, or the gross toothpaste bubbles flinging around as I try to pull the threaded hair from in between the brustles.
So then I go to open up my laptop. It's covered in coarse black hair shavings from my KISS wig Saturday. Don't worry, you will be updated. If there is one thing I hate more than long black hair, it's short black hairs. The thought of it alone makes me gag.
So if you know you are going to be around me, I am requesting you wax your entire body and wear a hairnet. The good news is, you can just tell people you are still wearing your "Sexy Cafeteria Lady" costume from this weekend.

Let's get to the good stuff. If you need to pee or get another cup of coffee, now would be a good time. A lot has happened since Friday and I am not going to insult the blog by cutting out juicy details.

Went to a costume party in Beverly Hills Friday night at my friend Courtney's house. We've been friends since we were 10 years old. Looking back on it, she was the first person I drank with--Banana Cream Rum out of our other friend Courtney's parents' liquor cabinet. Wow, that's a lot of apostrophes and Courtneys. Yeah, we know. We went to summer camp together one year and were referred to as Courtney 1, 2 and 3. I don't even know if we each had a number or if it was just a collective group name. I never meet Courtneys now. Apparently we are a rare breed.
So anyway, to make a long story short, we dressed (I was a pumpkin), we drank, we conquered. And by conquered, I mean we were intoxicated enough to think sleeping 4 deep in a queen size bed is comfortable.
I got to experience Urth cafe Saturday morning.
Nothing like an omelette to sit on top of the 5 pounds of halloween goodies I had Friday night. Actually, it was really good and they do cool designs in the top of their coffee:

Of course, I admired from afar. I was blissfully engaged in a dark roast with my signature 2 sugars. I lie. I added 4 sugars in the spirit of Halloween. Plus it was a big cup of coffee. Rebel.

Headed back to Santa Monica to meet college friends after brunch.
You know it's been a good night when the driver pulls over on the way to vomit.
Happy Halloween!

Normally, I am a full advocate of drinking away a hangover. However, when I arrived on the promenade to find my friends several drinks deep, I really just was not in the mood.
A) It would have taken me a few shots to catch up--no way, buster.
B) I could already feel the omelette and coffee rumbling around just waiting to make a reverse debut. I sissy-sipped on a beer and a half for a few hours, people watching around the bar.
I slowly saw my chance of a nap diminishing as it got later and later.

Do you feel the lameness here?
Courtney's tired.
Courtney's hungry.
Courtney's ready to leave.
Just as I was approaching level 10 pain in the ass, I found a gem in Barney's Beanery!
What did I see before me?
A KISS album cover in the jukebox.
We ended a painful costume shopping trip with nothing the night before. Annoyed and out of ideas, us 4 girls  threw in the towel. This would be our salvation.

2 hours later, I was giddy with excitement. Tommy Thayer has a doppleganger running around LA.

There will be more shots of the entire group to come. My camera is miles across town, taunting me for accidentally leaving it in my friends' bag at dinner last night. Little does the camera know, I'm still giving myself 10 points just for not losing it.

KISS was a huge success. Especially since T pain and Slash were there to help us rock out in true rock star form.

However, I do believe that my favorite part of the night was spent in the 8 block dance-athon with Ms. Stephanie Higgs (Gene Simmons). We always play "theme music" on our nights out. Although this really just consists of me blasting dance music from my iPhone, street dances top all dance parties. We did the grapevine, various shuffles, and generally pranced around. All in 4 inch heels and leather body suits.
We received the most glorified compliment I've received in recent months.

"Are all Texas girls this fun?"
Absolutely not.
We've trained for years.

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