Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coronas, Cancer, Cocoa, & Crabs!

I've fallen in love in San Francisco.
With a taco.
We went to Nick's tacos last night for Taco Tuesday.

Now I'm a huge fan of $3 Coronas any night, but when you add in good food, you got me hooked.
The line was snaking all the way through the restaurant, so I figured it must be good. But then I saw the tacos. To be exact, the $3 taco done Nick's way.
Hard shell taco wrapped in a corn tortilla, your choice of meat or veggie option (I went for chicken), pinto beans, covered in pico and guac. Plus the salsa was divine.

Cheap + delicious = heavenly.
Especially since my bank account hates me right now.
Speaking of, my co-worker Kendall just reminded me I should have shoes waiting when I get home.
Oh, the anticipation!!
Which is better, Nick's or my Shoes?
Not sure, I might trade a pair for one of those tacos.

Sadly, last night was my last night in San Francisco.
But that was a delicious memory.
Now for something not so delicious about California.

Upon arriving at the hotel this morning for big marketing meeting #2 with the Bay Area, I found yet another sign in this great state warning me of dangerous chemicals in the air.

At least this time, the chemicals only caused birth defects and reproductive harms, and not cancer causing agents. Such as the chemicals surrounding my place of residence for 3 days in L.A.

Now, these signs really don't bother me much. I drink entirely too often, don't like the smell of suncreen, and drink diet soda. So clearly, my future children are already in harm, and with my light skin and eyes, I am inevitably going to get skin cancer. It can be friends with my cirrhotic liver.
However, I have to ask myself, what are these chemicals? Will I be able to battle them by eating broccoli? or drinking pomegranate juice or green tea?
Will public healthcare cover this? I'd really rather get a stimulus check for it...
Then I can book my trip to the new beach in Africa. You know, the one where the giant crack turned rift is going to part and give us a new ocean or sea? I only have to wait one million years.

Seems a little long. Let's go for Bora Bora instead.

Why Bora Bora you ask?
Because I hear they have lots of crabs.
Yes, you heard me. I'm on a hunt for crabs.
The males exchange protection for sex from the females. I find this totally acceptable. I mean, your safe, you're having sex: it's practically safe sex! And that means you don't have to worry about terrible birth defects for the little bun in the oven. Of course, you would be in Bora Bora, not California, so the baby would probably be fine anyway, but who want an unplanned child?
Actually, I shouldn't say that. I am one.
I also completely made up the fact that Bora Bora is famous for fiddler crabs.
It was just where I wanted to find a cabana boy to have my way with. And if the crabs can create legal prostitution rings, then so can I.
Self justification is the newest trend for 2010.

 Pampering myself is also going to be a new goal. Not excessively, but pedicures will be on the list.  Al of this running has my feet looking similar to a boy's. Gnarly yellow toenails, black hair sprouting from my big toe, calluses and corns.... Okay, it's not that bad. But they need to be soaked and buffed.

Chocolate is also going to make a come back. Most likely in the form of peanut butter m&ms and ice cream, but perhaps I will try the mysterious "Le Whif" if I ever make it over to Paris.

A chocolate puff of calorie-free cocoa powder?
I'll try (almost) anything once, but this sounds pretty chalky.
Maybe I'll just wait for the better version to come to the U.S.

But that is a neat little get up she has there.
I wonder if it's her Halloween costume or if she models that year round?
Perhaps I will be a "Le Whif" girl next year!

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