Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rain rain, go away, you're interfering with kickball AGAIN

Yes, yes, for those of you in Dallas this is a common complaint these days. Annoying facebook and twitter updates about Seattle, Texans not knowing how to drive in the rain, curling up in bed, hot chocolate, and tomato soup. All equally unoriginal, but we're really just pissed the other person posted it first and now no one will be "commenting" on or "liking" OUR status.

The rain also makes me lazy. It really amazes me that I enjoy running but despise any sort of other physical activity. I mean it. I get pissed that coffee makes me have to pee every 5 seconds in the morning. "Ugh, I have to walk 15 feet to the bathroom AGAIN?" or "I'm sooo hungry, but my yogurt is upstairs. Screw it, I'll eat cough drops to hold me over."

So it's no surprise I have barely left my desk today. I'll justify by the fact I had a dr. appt. this morning and didn't get in until around 9:45, so my desk time is less than usual, but I am wrapped up in my burnt orange snuggie quietly watching the rain, googling halloween candy for which combo bag i REALLY want, and online shopping for shoes.

  Let me start by saying I do work, hard, in fact.  I even have these trophies: the little man is for Jeopardy (who, me, competitive?) and the guy on the left is the Midas Road Warrior of the month. Nominated by the boss lady, herself. So, HA!

 But this morning, said boss lady gave me a little gem. I asked her what she needed help with and the most glorious words came out of her mouth, "I don't really need you for anything right now. I'll be working on the L.A. meeting, I'm not even going to pick up my phone."

And so, I shopped....actually I googled affordable "cheap shoes." Oh hello, I got the following pairs of shoes for a whopping $120 (free shipping).

Because every girl needs black pumps, they will go fabulously with my new LBD from J Crew, short, strapless and ruffly.

These will match my cute purple arm bag with gold lining. Also good for LSU games...geaux Tigers! I hate you Florida (esp you Tebow) and Bama!

mmm...i like. need to find appropriate bomber jacket to wear with skirt and tights.

 I actually find Rachel Zoe slightly annoying (cutie pie Brad is a doll), but in this case "I DIE." eeeh! Christmas for $24!

Because 2 other pairs of black boots aren't enough. Besides, these are "mid-calf" not knee-high. So, there.

I know what you're thinking. "This is too good to be true." I thought the same thing when I looked at the hideous clothing and jewelry AFTER I placed my order. "Oh, shit. The boots are going to be terrible and cheap and I am going to be stuck with a 'credit' for ghetto fabulous, rhinestone trash."

Hope not. Keep ya posted on that one.

After my shopping spree, I saw a facebook poll on halloween candy. I love the mini boxes and bags of candy at this time of year.
1) Small bags are basically non-existent and therefore guilt-free (like late night pizza or anything consumed between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day).

2) Movie candy! Dots, Junior Mints, Swedish Fish, they all come in sizes smaller than XXL.
3) I saw small rolls of lifesavers that reminded me of Remember that golf game as a kid? I played it today....
Don't worry, Skittles, you're still my main squeeze.

Hopefully my candy consumption and spontaneous shopping sprees will leave me enough money to pay for my hotel next week in California. I'll be heading there for work with @kendallgibbs (thanks for following my blog!) to experience all that is Midas.

Happy hump day everyone!

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