Monday, October 19, 2009

An Introduction to Little Ole Me

Let's start with the real reason I am staring (and vowing to keep up with) the blog: I'm pretty sure I constantly annoy the 90% of my friends who are not facebook, twitter, and gchat fanatics. I like being in the know. I read the news, I love blogs, I hate being the last person to hear a juicy bit of gossip, and my iphone is permanently white-knuckle gripped in my hand. But I suppose I could understand why people don't have any desire to know my thoughts, status updates, and rants & raves 10-15 times a day. But for those who do care, here it is, folks.

And let's start with my top 5 thoughts of the day:

1) I am still mad at myself for not traveling to the state fair this year. Not only did I let friends convince me that it wasn't worth it waiting in traffic to get to the cotton bowl to watch my Longhorns pull out a victory over the Sooners (thank God, because I am outnumbered 2 to 1 by my younger siblings and my parents are now drinking the Kool-aid), but I missed my once a year change to get a Fletcher's corny dog. *sigh*

2) I re-kindled my love for Jib Jab--please see my friends and I dancing to The Monster Mash.

3) I wish I wasn't looking forward to so many things so far in advance: MGMT's 2010 new album, Alice in Wonderland March 2010, the fact that I have 2010 ACL tickets and it's still a year away....and of course, Christmas.

4) I like my job. I'm proud to say I'm a Moroch Partners employee. I generally enjoy working. That is never going to change the fact that some days, you just want to curl up under the covers and tell the real world to screw off.

5) If you haven't had the purple potato hash from State & Allen, you are missing out. I'm still fat-kid day dreaming about brunch for this coming weekend.

30 minutes of work left. Back to the grind!

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