Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foxy Roxxxy

A $7,000-9,000 sexbot.
You heard me. She's made of rubber and is waiting to be doll raped.

Apparently some of the cons are:
She is not a he
But there is a male version named Rocky coming out for the desperate women and homo fellas (although I doubt any gay man would ever dream of resorting to this).

She sounds like a child.
I'm not really seeing the problem here.
I assume pedophiles and games who live in mama's basement are the only ones who would buy this and therefore it is quite appropriate for this bot to sound like a 12 year old girl.
Well, okay. I see the problem, but is it a con for the buyer?

She’ll talk as much as your real girlfriend or wife. 
If you think that lifelike movements are all you’ll be getting, you’re wrong. Peace and quiet are not perks to be had in this relationship. Roxxxy was designed to have a conversation with you. And she likes it mushy: "I love holding hands with you." Even worse, she snores. 
Who would design it to snore? WTF?
Roxxxy also says things like 
"I'm rubber and you're glue, your sperm bounces off of me and sticks to you!"


She's Easy.
Again, I think that's the point for these losers potential buyers.
Pretty sure peewee herman isn't a fan of "the chase"

Let's talk about the actual cons:
1. You are having sex with a rubber doll.
2. You have to clean her.
Well maybe not. Were you one of those kids who had mold growing in their retainer? Yes or no?
3. She has a bra and panties on, and you most likely cannot unhook a bra.
4. Your 75 year old mother probably doesn;t have the disposable income for Roxxxy.
5. Santa will not bring naughty boys toys.
7. She's a little too mainstream for Dungeons and Dragons lovers.
8. You are having sex with a rubber doll.

So, keep playing with your own joystick, gamers.
Foxy Roxxxy is outta your league.

However, for free rides, I recommend visiting the House of Wax.
Public Indecency?
More like Pubic Indulgency!

This is really adding new texture to "wearing a rubber."
Wonder if those wax dolls are ribbed for your pleasure?
Only time will tell!


  1. That woman is made of plastic... I'm so disturbed.

  2. Ribbed for your pleasure?

    Best comment ever on the face of this planet.

    <3 T