Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hat Turned Sidewayz

I usually try to stay away from American Idol in the beginning.
But since nothing else, and I mean NOTHING (besides Home Alone 2: Lost in NY, that I have watched 5 times since Christmas), I decided to turn it on.
And who did I see?
reporting to duty.

1. You knew from the minute he opened those big ole lips and softly said "I...I am want to sang my song about pants on da ground..." That this was going to be GOOD!
2.I don't care if he is over the age limit or not, LPlatt is the best 62 year old break dancer I have ever seen!
3. In the words of @RebeccaHenken, "Who doesn't love a man with buttons?"

Listen Larry, you can loosen up my buttons any day. I'd love me one of those cute little black and white babies with a little fro (hey, they said it one Real World, so it must be PC).

And it goes:
Pants on da ground! Pants on da ground!
Lookin like a FOOL witcha pants on the ground.
Wit da gold in ya mouth, hat turned sideways
Pants hit da ground
Call yoself a Cool Cat, lookin like a fool
Walkin down the sidewalk wit yo pants on da ground!


According to Randy, he is going to "go buy some belts after this so my pants aren't on the ground!"
Well Randy, you probably should buy some belts. Yo-yoing between 30 pounds of weight can make pants buying very difficult.
Personally, I just prefer to wear no pants.
I quite like them on the ground.

Later this year, I will be touring with Larry, opening with my new single "Mom Jeans"

Pants atcha boobs, pants atcha boobs!
Lookin like a MOM witcha pants atcha boobs!
Braided belt in the loops! Pockets on yo back!
Pants hit ya boobs!
Call yoself a Cougar, Lookin like a Crougar!
Whitewashin denim wit ya pants atcha boobs.

I encourage all of you to visit his website where you can email the general!
Hells Yeah!

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